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1 boq drawing  red onion storages Download
2 BoQ of Solar Drier NHLP Download
3 Cold Storages Criteria Download
4 onion en st cold region drawings2 Download
5 Onion Storages  Criteria Download
6 Potato Criteria Download
7 potato storage Drawings3 Download
8 Proposed project Implementation Manual 2020 Download
9 Red Onion storages  Criteria Download
10 Red raisin making unit criteria Download
11 RMH map spe drawing & BoQ4 Download
12 RMH Beneficiaries Criteria Download
13 Solar Drier criteria Download
14 Solar Dryer Plan Download
15 zero en cold st drawings 5 Download
16 zero en onion and potato  storages BoQs6 Download
17 zero en cold st BoQ7 Download


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1 Red Onion Storage Survey form Download
2 Onion Storage Survey form Download
3 Potato Storage Survey form Download
4 Cold Storage Survey form Download
5 Solar Drying Survey Form Download
6 Raisin Houses Survey Form Download
7 Survey Form Red Raisins Production Units Download