Raisin Houses

 Management of Agricultural Products

Construction of new Raisin Houses In the framework of Agricultural Product Management plan in order to prevent the corruption of Afghanistan's main Horticultural product, 3,902 new Raisins will be built at a cost of more than 1.6 Billion Afghanis.

These Raisin Houses are built in those provinces with the highest Grape production. Each Raisin turns 16 Metric Tons of Grapes into Raisins. In this way, the construction of these Raisin Houses will prevent the rot of about seventy Thousand Metric Tons of Grapes. Converting Grapes to Raisins not only prevents excess Grapes from rotting, but also increases the value of this product, because Raisins are more expensive than Grapes and Raisins have a much longer shelf life than the first fruit.