Zero Energy Cold Storage (Onion and Potato)

Management of Agricultural Products:
Constriction of Thousands Cold Storage to store Onions and Potatoes

Construction of Zero Energy Storages of Onions and Potatoes
 To better manage Agricultural products, the Ministry of Agriculture has launched projects to build thousands of Zero Energy reserves for Onions and Potatoes.

The Ministry will facilitate the Storage of thousands Metric Tons of Onions and Potatoes, by constructing 3,207 Zero-Energy Onion reserves at a cost of more than 1.5 Billion Afghanis, and building 2,407 Zero Energy reserves at a cost of more than 1.4 billion Afghanis.

These zero -Energy Storages of Onions and Potatoes are made with a capacity of five and ten Metric Tons. The peasants who want these warehouses to be built for them have to pay only 10% of the cost while registering their application. During the construction of these warehouses, in addition to providing temporary employment opportunities for thousands of citizens, permanent employment opportunities will be provided for at least three people in each of these Warehouses. These warehouses are being built in the provinces that produce the most Potatoes or Onions, and prevent the decay of tens of thousands Metric Tons of Onions and Potatoes The construction of these warehouses will lead to a steady improvement in the prices of these products in the market, the growth of the peasant economy and the widespread support for domestic products.