The work of new Agricultural Projects in Panjshir is 40% complete

Tue, Aug 25 2020 3:13 PM
پنجشیر کې د نویو کرنیزو پروژو چارې نږدې ۴۰ سلنه بشپړ شوي دي
Sunbola 4: August 25, 2020
Panjshir Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Department says, that 76 new Agricultural projects, which have been launched through the province's crop management program, have been implemented by up to 40%.
These projects have been launched in Abshar, Dara, Anaba, Shatle, Khinj, Rokha, and Parian districts of the Province.
Abdul Rashid Misadiq, General Director of Panjshir Agriculture Department said, that a total of 50 Potato Warehouses, 9 Onion Warehouses and 7 Fruit cold Storages have been built in Panjshir province, and ten bases of fruit Dryers will be distributed, some of which are 40% complete.
The total cost of these Projects reaches 50 Million and 500 thousand Afghanis.
Shah Wali who is farmer in Dara Abdullah Khail Village of Hessa 2 district of Panjsher, whom an Onion warehouse is being built. said that the government is kind to us, and is setting up an Onion Warehouse for me.
He said that We used to produce and sell it urgently, because we were afraid it would spoil, we would sell it urgently or bury it because it would not rot.
Now we keep them in these warehouses and sell them at the right time and price.
There are currently six people working in the Onion Warehouse being built for Shah wali.
Purchase and distribution of Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machines
Purchasing and Distributing of Fruit and Vegetables Drying Machines, when exports are not open due to the prevalence of corona, drying the fruit in addition to preventing it from rotting, will prolong the life of this product.
Realizing this approach, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to purchase 1,000 fruit and Vegetable Dryers this year, and distribute them to Farmers and Gardeners.
Each of these Machines is about to be purchased for 300,000 Afghanis, and will cost a total of 300 Million Afghanis.
These machines are given to Gardeners through Reputable Councils and Authorities, so that they can dry out surplus products from the market and their consumption.


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