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Strawberry Season in Herat Province

Peach's season in Kunar province

Zero energy cold _storage in Sancharak district of Sar-e-Pul province.

Wheat Research Farm of Kapisa Province.

Almond Season of Kunar Province.

Beauties of Pachiragam district of Nangarhar province in spring season.

د متراکمو او غير متراکمو بڼونو جوړولو په برنامه کې ولسمشر محمد اشرف غني

رییس جمهور غنی در برنامه‌ احداث باغ‌های متراکم و غیر متراکم

Blossoms of Apricot and plum of Herat province.

An Album of beauties and products of Laghman province

Apple flower season in Balkh province، according to the picture.

Women's handicrafts from jewelry to various national clothes, We are your host at Badam_ Bagh exhibition till the end of Thursday, the fifth of Hamal.

Dr. Anwar al-Haq Ahady,MAIL Minister Minister, visited the booths on second day of exhibition.

Sweeten your palate with home-made honey. agricultural products' exhibition at Badam-Bagh is open to everyone until the end of Thursday, the fifth of Hamal.

Saffron products, buy good quality saffron in 25th Saffron's agricultural products' exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public until the end of Thursday, fifth of Hamal.

The second day of 25th Agricultural Products' exhibition of 1400 according to the pictures.