Gul-food Exhibition

نمایشگاه گلفود

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Location DUBAI

End of Gul-food Exhibition:
Receiving contracts for the Sale of Agricultural Products worth more than 171 million $ by Afghan exporters

Hoot 10: February 28, 2021
At the end of the Gulf-Food exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it was specified that Afghan exporters and traders who participated in the mentioned exhibition, received approved contract worth more than 171 million $ to export afghan agricultural products.
"Most of these contracts are with Indian parties, valued at about $ 100 million," said Habibaullah Habibi, director of private sector development of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), who participated in exhibition. Also after India, the largest party to the contract of Afghan traders and exporters at Dubai Gulf Fair is the UAE traders, valued at 27 million $. After that, the largest amount of contracts was signed with Saudi businessmen, worth about six million dollars.
These contracts include dried fruit worth more than  107 million $, kernels worth more than 43 million $, medicinal plants worth more than $ 13 million, kernels worth more than $ 4.7 million, fresh fruit worth more than $ 1.3 million, Juice worth more than $ 465,000 and honey worth more than $ 425,000.
In previous years, Afghan traders earned a total of about 100 million $ worth of contracts from the annual Gulf-Food, but this year, despite the corona, shows a tremendous increase in number of contracts Afghanistan receives.
It should be noted that last year, about 80% of the contracts of Afghan traders and their contracting parties were implemented at the Gulf Food exhibition.