24th Agricultural Exhibition Inaugurates in Kabul’s Badam Bagh

Wed, Oct 16 2019 1:21 PM
24th Agricultural Exhibition Inaugurates in Kabul’s Badam Bagh

Mezan 24: October 16, 2019

The 24th Agricultural, Livestock & Women’s Handicrafts Exhibition was inaugurated in a special ceremony today in Kabul’s Badam Bagh Research Farm by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL).

The four-day exhibition is opened to all public and visitors from October 16-19, 2019.

Habibullah Habibi, director of agriculture development sector at MAIL, in the opening ceremony said that in this exhibition, agricultural and livestock products and machinery, as well as women's handicrafts are showcased in 261 pavilions.

Mr. Habibi added that 200 pavilions were dedicated for agricultural products and machinery whereas 61 were dedicated for women’s handicrafts.

Mr. Habibi said, “This year’s autumn exhibition is held under the slogan of ‘Standard Agriculture; Access to Global Market’.

Mr. Habibi further stated that contracts worth millions of dollars have been singed in two international exhibitions in Dubai, India as well as this exhibition.

Hashmatullah Ghafoori, deputy minister for irrigation and natural resources at MAIL, in the opening ceremony said that agricultural and livestock products form the main export items of the country.

Mr. Ghafoori said that holding national and international agricultural exhibitions is one of the most important activities of the Ministry of Agriculture, adding that MAIL plans to launch large-scale agricultural and animal products exhibitions in eight zones of the country.

Ghafoori added, “The reality is that agricultural fairs can be considered a live advertisement for domestic products. Because at agricultural fairs, factors such as producers, distributors, and consumers of agricultural goods or services come together at the right time and place.”

Ghafoori further stated that MAIL plans to export horticulture products and vegetables to Kazakhstan, which is one of the most important exporters of flour and wheat to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Sayed Hashim, one of the leading farmers, in the ceremony said that much has been done in recent years to improve agriculture in the country. The farmer said satisfactory activities have been done in horticulture, livestock and agricultural sector but there is no proper market for the products. He urged the government to pay more attention to the marketing of farmers’ products.

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