308 Million Agricultural Loans intended

308 Million Agricultural Loans intended

Hoot 27: March 17, 2021
After providing information and satisfactory answers to the questions of the committee members, the Agricultural Loans Committee approved the payment of loans worth 308 Million AFN.
Agriculture Development Fund Loan Committee meeting was lunched by Shirshah Amiri, deputy minister of agriculture and livestock and Chairman of Loan Purification Committee, with the presence of Agriculture Development Fund other high-ranking officials.
The technical team of Agricultural Development Fund submitted six loan applications to the Proposal Committee and then provided complete information on the applicants' activities.
Generally six loans were accepted separately. The first loan of this package is to a trading company, which buys raisins from gardeners and transports them to foreign states. The second and third loans were provided to 56 agricultural cooperatives in Bamyan province to purchase black manure and potato seeds and dispensed them to 1,200 farmers to expand their business.
The fourth and fifth loans are given to two carton factories. These factories buy various raw materials to produce cartons for agricultural products. The sixth loan is given to a threshing plant to buy raw materials and use it to make wheat threshers.
The Agricultural Development Fund said, “It has not forgotten farmers in current critical statues and is attempting to provide them with the loans they need on time.”
The Agricultural Development Fund is a non-governmental financial institution operating under the cover of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL).
The above mentioned fund has intended 12.6 billion AFN since its commencement. Billions to retailers, cooperatives, agricultural and livestock associations, medium-sized enterprises, farms, fish farms, poultry farms, exporters of fresh and dried fruits, manufacturers of agricultural implements, shops, importers of chemical fertilizers, are provided by this fund. 53,782 farmers in 32 provinces have directly benefited from these services.
The Agricultural Development Fund is currently one of the leading donors to the agricultural sector, headquartered in Kabul and with regional offices in Balkh, Herat, Kandahar and Nangarhar provinces.