Parkas; A company that constructs incubators for various Birds

Parkas; A company that constructs incubators for various Birds

Samad Samim is one of the citizens who has built incubators for various birds in the country for the first time.
He started his research on how to build incubators in 1391 and established a production company with the construction of the first incubator in 1393.
Mr. Samim says: "For the first time, I started researching the construction of incubators for chickens, ostriches, chickens and other types of birds in 1391, and in 1393, I succeeded in building the first incubator. Adding that now we have become a company and we will build one incubator in four days."
He added that he had faced many challenges and problems at the beginning of his career, but he did not lose hope and never got disappointed and moved on. He has now created a good job opportunity for him and some other people.
Samim says: "For the first time in 2016, I established my company called" Pekas "with endless efforts so that I could grow my business, my work started in a standard way this year. I started selling incubators from this year. So far, I have managed to build and sell four hundred incubators."
Incubators manufactured by Pekas Company have been sold in Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar, Ghazni and Balkh provinces. These machines also produce chickens and hens. The price of each device varies according to capacity. Some of these machines can produce up to 2,000 chickens a day. The prices of these devices range from 33,000 AFN to 95,000 AFN. These devices are powered by electricity and its heat source is gas.
He further stated that he has established the mentioned incubator to create job opportunities. He said he was willing to study agriculture, but after the entrance exam, he succeeded in field of physical education.
Samad Samim adds that in the last solar year, it has produced and sold about 30,000 chicken wings. Also in this company, from one thousand five hundred to two thousand testicles, eggs and eggs are produced daily.