Fariba Noori: A lady who made five million out of 100,000 AFN in three years

Fariba Noori: A lady who made five million out of 100,000 AFN in three years

Fariba is one of the leading ladies in products of Agriculture in Afghanistan.
She said that she started the business and processing of dried and fresh fruits, making pickles and jams with a capital of one hundred thousand AfN.
She was faced many challenges and intensities in the beginning of her work, yet, she didn’t lose hope and never got disappointed, she lasted her activities and converted to a prosperous business lady. Beside that she generated work opportunities to a number of other ladies also.
Fariba Noori saying at the beginning of my career, “I established a business company called “Bano-Noori” now, 50 women have been working with me and my business has expanded nationally and internationally.
Bano -Noori Company is active in making and processing pickles, jams, as well as processing dried fruits, fresh fruits, saffron and jujube. The company also exports its products to the United Arab Emirates and Germany. "Our dried fruits such as almonds, raisins, jujube and saffron are also exported to Germany and Dubai," Fariba Noori said.  Adding that i plan to buy and work on about two tonnes of cherries this year from Badakhshan and Parwan provinces.
This company has started its activity since 1397 and has divided its work according to the harvest season of agricultural products. In Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Jalalabad, it has an active representative to sell its products.
Last year, Bano Noori Company was able to export four kilograms of saffron and one metric ton of jujube to Germany.
Fariba Noori, the in-charge of the company said, “Our annual income from the sale of jams and pickles is about 1000000 to 1200000 AFN, and from the sale of saffron and dried fruits was 3000000 AFN in 1399.”
The company has seven permanent employees who receive a monthly salary of 7,000 AFN, and its temporary employees receive a daily salary of 150 AFN. Twenty women in Bagram, Parwan and Kota Sangi districts of Kabul are also cooperating in processing and preparation of jams and pickles.