Constructions of 25 Acres of Date Orchards began in Kandahar

Constructions of 25 Acres of Date Orchards began in Kandahar

Qaws: 9 November 29, 2020
Kandahar Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Department announces, the start of construction of 25 Acres of Date Orchards in the province.
These gardens are being built to promote the planting and production of Date in three districts of the province.
This is the first time in Kandahar that steps have been taken to build Date orchards.
Sayed Hafizullah Saedi, Kandahar's Director of Agriculture, said that" the project would cost two Million Afghanis and would build 25-Acre Date Orchards in three districts.
The construction process of these gardens officially started from Daman district.
These gardens are built to promote cultivation and ultimately Date production.
The number of gardeners with Date p is also being trained and informed.
One of the new tasks of the Ministry of Agriculture in recent years has been to cultivate, maintain and introduce Date trees to farmers.
Earlier, Date Orchards had been set up in a number of other provinces.
Helmand, Farah, Kandahar, Laghman, Nangarhar and Nimroz, along with Kandahar, are the provinces where Dates are grown and produced.
The construction of Date Commercial Orchards in the provinces stems from a new plan by the Ministry of Agriculture to establish Date groves and produce Dates for domestic using.