Agricultural Products’ Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

نمایشگاه بین‌المللی محصولات زراعتی در عربستان سعودی

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Event dates -

Location Saudi Arabia

Agricultural Products’ Exhibition Begins in Saudi Arabia
Mezan 29: October 21, 2019
The first Agricultural Products’ Exhibition began in Saudi Arabia in cooperation of Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program (CHAMP, USAID).
In this exhibition, 16 pavilions have showcased Afghanistan’s products. Fresh and dry fruits, pomegranates, saffron, and medical plants are the samples of Afghan products which have been showcased in the exhibition.
Sayed Jalal Karim, Afghan ambassador to Saudi Arabia, in the opening ceremony of the exhibition said, “Afghanistan's products are organic and tasteful, and Saudi Arabia can be a good market for our country's agricultural products.”
Meanwhile Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al-Fadhli, the Saudi minister of environment, water and agriculture, visited Afghanistan’s pavilions at the exhibition.
Mr. Al-Fadhli highlighted the importance of displaying Afghan products in Saudi Arabia and promised to provide more grounds for Afghan products at future exhibitions.

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