Nationwide pet vaccination campaign begins

Nationwide pet vaccination campaign begins

Jawza 2: May 23, 2021
The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) held a nationwide campaign to implement vaccines against "pets and brucellosis" vaccines against pets such as cattle and sheep. This is the first stage of a nationwide pet vaccination campaign overall the country, with a total of more than six million doses of animal vaccine is about to be implemented.
In this stage of the campaign, 2,189,627 doses of the vaccine are to be applied to cattle and sheep pets to prevent "head and neck" animal diseases. Of these, 1,757,527 doses of brucellosis vaccine for sheep across the country, as well as 282,999 doses of brucellosis vaccine and 150,000 doses of vaccine for cattle to be applied in 9 provinces.
Shirshah Amiri, Deputy MAIL for agriculture and livestock, at the inauguration of mentioned campaign said, “Implementation of vaccines against pets to prevent animal diseases is one of the most significant programs of the Ministry of Agriculture, adding that Fifty percent of people's income comes from livestock, upgrading livestock production and preventing livestock losses are important programs MAIL ,  stated that here are 2.2 billion ($ )in livestock revenue and more than 1,200 animal health clinics across the country each year."
Shirshah Amiri, meanwhile, said eight animal clinics would be rebuilt to improve livestock health services.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mokhtar Mohseni, director of animal health of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, cited Berseloz as a common disease between humans and animals, saying that pets would have a major negative impact on livestock economies.
He also referred to disease as a dangerous disease, saying, "The disease is a disease that has a direct and indirect impact on the livestock economy, and a large amount of money is spent by the MAIL to control these diseases, adding that 4.5 billion will be lost to livestock if animal diseases are not controlled."
The director of animal health of the Ministry of Agriculture added that according to the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture, the vaccine against brucellosis is being applied in center and provinces more in areas where there is a greater focus on unions and cooperatives.
However, some farmers have welcomed MAIL’s move to vaccinate animals, but requesting the expansion of this vaccination.
Shah Jahan Naseri, head of the Shir Nuniaz Breeders' Association in Kabul's Chahar Asyab district, said: "We ask the Ministry of Agriculture to expand this campaign."
Every year, MAIL implements vaccines for brucellosis, tuberculosis, zinus and other vaccines to control animal diseases nationwide.