Majan; A lady who started from zero and owns a company now

Majan; A lady who started from zero and owns a company now

Peasant weekly
By: Mohammad Tamim Siddiqi
Her name is Majan. Her last name is Noori, who was one of the booth owners of Badam-Bagh Agricultural Research Farm. This is how she narrates her life story, Mrs. Noori has a food processing company by the name of “Ali-Noori”.
She is 55 years old having seven children, who are three sons and four daughters and lives in a remote village in Kapisa province, her husband is an instructor who has seven thousand AFN (7000) monthly paycheck.
Mrs. Noori husband’s salary was not enough to provide necessities to his family members, so Majan had to do anything to give financially support to her family. Therefore, she asked the Directorate of Agriculture of Kapisa for job, the mentioned directorate of Agriculture in cooperation with National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP) dispensed 15 pieces of chicken, seeds and necessary poultry equipment or supplies.
Before receiving these chickens, Majan was trained on how to raise chickens for two weeks, she added, "We were taught that when we sell eggs, we have to save half the money to make a fortune adding that I was selling each homemade eggs for five AFN.”
Majan spent six months working with the same hens, and by selling chicken eggs and buying new hens, she was able to upgrade the number of hens to one hundred.
Saving the money was taught to her by a foreign lady, she started saving her money in a small box named (Daklaq) and after a while, the same foreign lady asked her to see how much money she had saved. Foreign lady was surprised. Eighty thousand AFN (8000) was saved in that entry.
Majan was assigned as head and leader of a group having fifty other women who had just returned to poultry farming. Majan had learned how to give chickens seeds and vaccinate them.
After breeding laying hens, Majan Noori also started raising broilers. She bought broiler chickens for twenty AFN and after forty-five days, the chickens weighed six to seven kilograms.
She said, “Her work was boosted and her motivation was for doing this job has been increased Ms. Noori built a small greenhouse next to the poultry farm and sold Roman eggplant, peppers, mint, coriander, tratizak, and fresh cucumber in all seasons. When her products were about to rot, she did not allow them to spoil, dried them, packed them, and produced other materials from them, such as cauldrons of various kinds, Ms. Noori paper  has a good reputation and has a buyer in Kabul and other provinces.”
Ms. Noori, after a tireless effort, managed to start Saffron’s work for the first time in Kapisa province. She planted Saffron’s bulbs in three fields with the assistance of the Kapisa Directorate of Agriculture. She added that no one believes that saffron is grown in Kapisa.
Mrs. Majan added that she had been working on saffron in Surghol village of Kapisa province for seven years and has produced about one kilo of saffron from half an acre of land. This product is packaged with the special mark of "Alireza Noori" company.
She further stated that she is now self-sufficient in the production of saffron bulbs and currently has 2,000 kilograms of saffron bulbs in stock. Adding that she sells saffron bulb per kilo to other farmers for 200 AFN.
She has enthusiastically continued her business, In addition to processing food, vegetables and poultry, has also started farming. It produces dairy products including milk, yogurt, musk, cheese and cream.
Her work is improving and her family members help her, beside that ten other employees work with her earning three hundred AFN (3000) a day.
Ms. Noori has never given up and has never gotten disappointed through the ups and downs of life, she was able to save 500,000 AFN and set up a company called Alireza Noori to produce an investment.
Alireza Noori Company has the capacity to convert a ton of Roman eggplant into a robber every hour in a building that has three rooms and a shop, her products now have customers in Kabul.
She is not worried about her family anymore, what she is bothered from is illiteracy. She claims that if she was literate enough, she would have reached the position of minister as a result of her struggle and perseverance.  She has recently taken a literacy course and is now able to read and write contact numbers and names.
Ms. Noori aspires to grow her business and become a national businessman.  Adding that about the recent Badam-Bagh Agricultural Research Farm that in four days, she has earned 40,000 AFN from selling pot and saffron.