Farmer's Festival and 25th Agricultural Products’ Exhibition


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Location Badam Bagh, Kabul

The Peasant Festival and 25th Badam- Bagh Agricultural Products’ Exhibition Inaugurated

Hamal 2: March 22, 2021
The 25th Agricultural Exhibition, together with the Peasant Celebration, was officially inaugurated today, the second day of Hamal (March 22, 2021), under the slogan "Standard Production, Commercial Agriculture" at the Badam Bagh Research Farm in Kabul.
In this four-day exhibition, 286 booths of agricultural products, animals, new agricultural technologies and women's handicrafts were showcased.
Dr. Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady, minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, at inaugurating ceremony of the exhibition and farmer’s celebration said that in 1399, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, some economic activities in the country had suspended, yet, activities in agriculture lasted to expand. Mr. Ahady further said, “Last year, the Ministry of Agriculture was able to build more than 12,000 buildings to store potatoes, onions, and fresh fruits throughout the country. He stressed that last year was not a bad year for Afghanistan in terms of agriculture, and some important agricultural products, including wheat and rice, increased significantly.”
He also said that this year is expected to be a year of drought due to declining rainfall, but that the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock ( MAIL) is making specific proposals to  government to address the possible negative consequences of this situation. In 1399, it was affected by the corona virus, and in 1400, a drought is predicted, He said, “Existing rains are reducing the severity of the drought, but the Ministry of Agriculture still has plans. “In connection with the drought, the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing its proposals and will soon submit them to the government in the field of grain and fodder supply."
Ahady also stressed that this solar year, the distribution of improved seeds will upgrade to 17,000 metric tons and about 80,000 hectares of new land will be covered by irrigation. According to him, irrigation programs are continuing and more than 2,000 new buildings are being built and maintained to store fresh potatoes, onions and fruits, and animal disease laboratories in 15 provinces. The ministry has specific and workable plans for fruit development for the current year, He said. Mr. Ahady added that the ministry also has important and specific programs in strengthening and supporting the agricultural sector.
Dr. Anwar al-Haq Ahady also said that Afghanistan would become self-sufficient in wheat, rice and poultry production over the next three to four years. "Insha'Allah, in the next three or four years, we will be self-sufficient in wheat, rice, dairy and poultry production," he said. We will develop horticulture well, commercialize Afghanistan's agriculture, increase the economic rationality of cultivation, significantly increase agricultural exports, grow the agricultural industry well, and increase the value chain in many "We will complete cases inside the country."
However, the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock added that the ministry will start the New Year with "optimism" and that this optimism is based on realism.
Habibaullah Habibi, director of  private sector development department at the Ministry of Agriculture, also said about the 25th Agricultural products’ Exhibition that that this year's agricultural exhibition showcased agricultural products, animals, agricultural technologies and women's handicrafts in 286 booths for four days. Mr. Habibi said: "286 agricultural and livestock companies participated in this exhibition, of which 207 companies were in the field of dried fruits, fresh fruits, saffron, medicinal and industrial plants, improved seeds, dairy products, agricultural and research machinery, and 79 companies, others are women in the handicrafts sector. Another part of the exhibition is dedicated to showcasing improved generations of animals, introducing agricultural technologies and new developments in agriculture and livestock."
On the other hand, Lima Mahmoodi, an agricultural woman, said, “That the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture in recent years have led to an improvement in the economic situation of the people. Formerly a housewife, she said she was helped by the Ministry of Agriculture and some local institutions 13 years ago to pursue agricultural and commercial activities. Lilma's husband has been suffering from the disease for nearly 18 years, and she alone provides for the needs of her eight daughters and a young son. Lilma said that her four daughters are doctors and one is a teacher, and that she has made it possible for all of her children to get an education through her own agricultural and commercial activities. Expressing gratitude for the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lima said that her products do not have a good market due to incorrect packaging and asked the Ministry to cooperate with her in packaging her products.
Haji Aziz, a farmer in Farzah district of Kabul, also said that the Ministry of Agriculture had expanded its activities in various agricultural and irrigation sectors, but that these activities were not enough. He called on the Ministry of Agriculture to pay more attention to water control.
On the other hand, Nisar Ahmad Ghoriani, Minister of Industry and Trade at the opening ceremony of the exhibition said that the ministry is a partner of the Ministry of Agriculture. According to him, Afghanistan exported about 890 million $ last year, the bulk of which was agricultural products.
Also at the ceremony, Jalaluddin Saeed, the president's adviser on exports, said that Afghanistan had good production in the fruit sector last year, but needed to have standard packaging centers in different areas.
The peasant festival is held every year by MAIL on the second of Hamal, which is Peasant Day, along with an agricultural exhibition. Also, in the autumn season, an agricultural exhibition is held every year by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Farmer's Festival and 25th Agricultural Products’ Exhibition

Standard Production, Commercial Agriculture

Date: 22 - 25 March 2021

Venue: Badam Bagh Research Farm, Kabul, Afghanistan