Concept of Agricultural Products Management

Agricultural Product's Management

Starting implementation of Agricultural Products Management Plan

 The Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock, has started implementing a plan, according to which, a large part of Agricultural products, especially Crops, will be prevented from Spoiling and wastage.

 Peasants receive only 10 percent of the funding for the project, with the other 90 percent paid by the Ministry of Agriculture.

 The plan will be implemented by the end of this year, and will cover the provinces that produce the most product's included in the plan.

 The project includes the construction of 3902 Raisin Houses Which Cost's more than 1,6 Milliard Afghanies, construction of 3207 Zero-Energy Cold Storages for Onion Which Cost's more than 1,5 Milliard Afghanis, and Construction of 2407 Zero Energy Cold Storages for Potato which cost's more than 1,4 Milliard Afghanis and the Construction of 475 Pomegranates and Apples Cold Storages with cost of more than 1,2 Milliard Afghanis.

With the Construction of 3,902 Raisin Houses, each with the Capacity of Sixteen Metric Tons, about Seventy Thousand Metric Tons Grapes will be turned in to Raisins.

This plan also includes purchase and distribution of 1113 Fruit and Vegetable Dryers Machines to Agricultural women and Gardeners which cost's more than 158 Million Afghanis. The project's budget is 5,8 Milliard Afghanis.

It's noteworthy that these mentioned programs are implemented by National Horticulture and Livestock Project or (NHLP) related to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.

 Downloading Agricultural Product Management Plan

 Complaints Handling:

 Do you have any complain about the implementation of the Crop Management Project (construction of Raisin Houses, Onion Warehouses, Potatoes and Zero-Energy cold storage for Apples Pomegranates?)

If yes, please contact these numbers and register your complains