Brief Introduction of H.E Hashmatullah Ghafoori, Deputy Minister for Irrigation and Natural Resources

hashmatMr. Hashmatullah Ghafoori was born in 1982 (1361AH) in Baghlan-e-Jaded district of Baghlan province. After graduating from Sayed Jamal al-Din Afghan High School, he completed his higher education in Rural Development and Management at Master level.

Mr. Hashmatullah Ghafoori has worked in the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector for 15 years and has served in the field of development and irrigation management in governmental and nongovernmental organizations. He previously served as the Minister's Adviser and director of the Regional Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). He has always played a key role in the preparation, negotiation and approval of administration policies, adjustment and attracting of foreign aid in the relevant administrations. He has also represented the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in bilateral and multilateral negotiations with governments and agencies in international programs.

Mr. Hashmatullah Ghafoori is a young and highly educated cadre who has served for a long time at national and international organizations, especially in the water management sector in the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). Considering his special contribution to the success of the affairs, the leadership of the Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan decided to appoint him as Deputy Minister for irrigation and natural resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. Based on the decree of H.E the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Ghafoori was introduced as the Deputy Minister for Irrigation and Natural Resources.